Marconi Transatlantic
Wireless Telegraph

"Wireless Message Across the Atlantic"

Clipping from the Halifax Morning Chronicle
18 October 2021

Halifax, Nova Scotia

#  Transcription (below):

Marconi Transatlantic Wireless Telegraph, 18 October 2021
"Wireless Message Across the Atlantic"

Halifax Morning Chronicle, 18 October 2021

Wireless Message            
            Across the Atlantic

Marconi Claims to Have Transmitted Over Five
Thousand Words Yesterday, But the Text
of the Messages is Kept Secret

Special to The Morning Chronicle
    Sydney, C. B. Oct 17 — This af-
ternoon the system of wireless trans-
Atlantic communication passed from
its experimental stage in a formal
announcement made by the inventor
to a practical basis, and today for
the first time in the history of the
world messages are being transmit-
ted and received to and from Eng-
land commercially.
    The formal opening of the station
here was attended by no special
function, nor was there any actual
demonstration made in the test of
the service.  From early morning
Mr. Marconi is said to have operat-
ed the keys, and to have transmitted
in all between five and ten thousand
words.  At 3:45 he left the operat-
ing room for a moment to announce
officially to the representatives of
the Press present the opening of the
station for commercial work.

Marconi's Statement

    "I am perfectly satisfied," he said,
"with the results of today's work.
We are now prepared to accept a
limited number of transAtlantic
messages for transmission purposes.
Of course you must not con-
fuse today's event with that of three
years ago when the first message
was flashed across the ocean.  Today
we are merely throwing open our
doors to the public and inaugurating
the work for which our company was
    "Three years ago our mes-
sages were directed to the
Crown heads of Europe.  There
is no need of that now.  In-
deed the bulk of our messages today
emanated from the more important
newspapers of the world.  One mes-
sage, however, addressed to the Brit-
ish people from the Premier of Can-
ada, was sent, while two have been
received from the Canadian Commis-
ioner in London.  I am not permit-
ted to give the text of these mes-
sages, though I may say they are all
    Continued on page Two

    Continued from page One
of a congratulatory nature and all
emphasize the great benefit accruing
to the Empire by reason of the suc-
cessful operation of our system."

Opening of the Towers

    Mr. Marconi then returned to the
operating table, after expressing his
regret that because of the great
amount of work to be gone through
he would be unable to further speak
of the day's happenings.  Early in
the afternoon the guests invited to
attend the opening, together with
the Press representatives, began to
arrive at the towers, and at 2:30
the whole party conducted by the
manager of the station, Mr. Vyvyan,
set out on a tour of inspection.  The
power house, engine rooms, and
workshops were visited in turn.  Their
relation to the operation of the
plant being explained on tour.  The
operating offices were finally reached
and a halt made to await the ap-
perance of the inventor.

Transmitting Messages

    No one was allowed to actually en-
ter the operating room, although the
party were permitted to view
through a window the work going on
within.  Mr. Marconi, assisted by
another operator, could be seen seat-
ed at a table alternately receiving
and transmitting messages.  Simul-
taneously with the pressing of the
key of the transmitting instrument
a flash of blue flame was seen to be
given off from a contrivance situated
at the far end of the room, while a
tearing sound, not unlike the twang-
ing of a deep bass string answered
the flash as it traversed the aerial
wires over-head.  The messages were
recorded by means of a magnetic
telephone receiver fastened to the
head of the operator and connected
to the receiving apparatus of the sta-
    After a half-hour wait the invent-
or appeared and publicly gave ut-
terance to the announcement previ-
ously given.  The party then return-
ed to the house of the manager,
where Mrs. Marconi presided at a
tea given in honor of the guests.

Plans of The Company

    In discussing the immediate plans
of the company, Mr. Vyvyan said
that it was their intention to limit
for the present the work of the sta-
tion, and that for some weeks 1000
words per day would be the maxi-
mum amount handled.  This would
mean that until the equipment at
Glace Bay is duplicated in every par-
ticular the station would only be
operating for twelve hours each day,
to be divided into three shifts.  Mr.
Vyvyan stated that the inauguration
of trans-Atlantic business here would
mean something more than the open-
ing up of "an additional cable." He
believed that commercial wireless
would greatly interfere with the busi-
ness of the cable companies.  We
hope to supply the Atlantic liners
with a daily press service, while pri-
vate messages will be accepted at
this station for any ship equipped
with our system sailing the Atlantic.
We are, as you know, now able not
only to transmit messages, but to
locate ships and direct them to their

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