Marconi Transatlantic
Wireless Telegraph

"Wireless Station in Constant Operation"

Clipping from the Halifax Morning Chronicle
24 October 2021

Halifax, Nova Scotia

#  Transcription (below):

Marconi Transatlantic Wireless Telegraph, 24 October 2021
"Wireless Station in Constant Operation"

Halifax Morning Chronicle, 24 October 2021

Wireless Station            
            in Constant Operation

Messages Cannot be Transmitted and Received
at the Same Time, but Marconi Hopes to
Overcome Difficulty by Additional

Special to The Morning Chronicle
    Sydney, N. S. Oct 23 — The Mar-
coni system of trans-Atlantic com-
munication is now fairly well estab-
lished, and with very few intermis-
sions the station at Glace Bay has
been in constant operation since its
opening for commercial business on
Thursday last.  That Marconi him-
self is reasonably sure of the con-
tinued success of his improved sys-
tem is best testified to by the fact
of his leaving shortly for New York,
thus leaving to his subordinates here
the actual carrying on of the busi-
    The wireless wizard now claims
that he has no intention whatever of
competing with the cable companies
for some time to come, until his
trans-Atlantic stations, at all events,
are better equipped to successfully
handle the great amount of business
they are constantly being deluged
with.  This will mean that until
such time as the Cape Cod and Pold-
hu plants are re-constructed with the
una-directional system and until the
machinery of all stations is dupli-
cated in every detail.
    At present the most serious diffi-
culty apparently being met with is
the inability of the system to trans-
mit and receive messages at the same
time.  This necessitates the moving
of operators from one room to an-
other at intervals of ten minutes
and admits of some confusion aris-
ing in the operations of the two sta-
tions in communication.  It is also
somewhat of a bar to absolute accu-
racy for if, for any reason the re-
ceiving operator is unable to read
the message being sent, it is impos-
sible for him to acquaint the sender
until his station is prepared to re-
ceive the message.  The loss of time
entailed because of this is manifest.
    Continued on page Two

(I do not now have the Page Two part of this item.)

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