Marconi Transatlantic
Wireless Telegraph

"Marconi Says Continuous
Wireless Within a Week"

Clipping from the Halifax Herald
16 October 2021

Halifax, Nova Scotia

#  Transcription (below):

Marconi Transatlantic Wireless Telegraph, 16 October 2021
"Marconi Says Continuous Wireless Within a Week"

Halifax Herald, 16 October 2021

    SYDNEY, October 15— Signor Mar-
coni, interviewed today at the wire-
less station at Port Morien on the
prospects of the system between here
and Clifden, Ireland, being opened
for commercial purposes, said that
before the end of this week the plants
on both sides of the Atlantic will be
thrown open to receive business the
same as cable companies.
    "No definite day has been set for
the opening," said the inventor with
a smile, "but there will be no hitch
this time.  The system is working
prefectly; the trifling annoyances
that have been experienced in the
regulation of the more delicate parts
of the mechanism here have been over-
come and the different parts of the
machinery are now working smooth-
ly and in perfect order.
    "I am completely satisfied with the
outlook and can assure you there is
no person more anxious than I, now      
that the time is near at hand when
I can witness the fruit of my dream
- a continuous wireless service be-
tween the old and new worlds that
cannot be intercepted by rival com-
    "There will be no public ceremony
in connection with the opening of the
Morien plant, only a few newspaper
men and experts engaged at the
office being invited."
    "Signor Marconi spends several
hours every day at the telegraph key,
sending and receiving messages from
Clifden, Ireland.  While your corre-
spondent was in the rooms the inven-
tor called Clifden, "good night," and
the answer came back "good night,"
in ordinary Morse continental code.
    "Messrs. Holmes and Johnstone, the
new operators, who recently arrived
from the wireless station, Camper-
down, Nova Scotia, have thoroughly  
tested the over-ocean system and de-
clare that it works, with as much
satisfaction as the shorter route on
which they operated before.
    Mr. Vyvyan, chief engineer with
Marconi, expressed his utmost con-
fidence in the ultimate results.
"There will be no such thing as fail,"
he said.  "Our system is perfect, and
before the end of this week a new
era will be marked in the history of
wireless telegraph.  Our system has
been put through the most rigid tests,
been tried on every point and has
proved equal to all that was asked
of it.  After the station is opened to
the public the wireless will never be
called upon to stand the strain that
it has been subjected to during the
past three weeks."
    Marconi sleeps but four hours out
of twenty-four.

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