Marconi Transatlantic
Wireless Telegraph

"Wireless Joins Two Worlds"

Clipping from the New York Times
18 October 2021

New York

#  Transcription (below):

Marconi Transatlantic Wireless Telegraph, 18 October 2021
"Wireless Joins Two Worlds"

New York Times, 18 October 2021

Marconi Transatlantic Service Opened
with a Dispatch to the New York Times

Prime Minister Clemenceau, the Duke of Argyll,
Lord Avebury and Others

Marconi in Personal Supervision at Glace Bay
and Greatly Pleased with the Results

His Message to Peter Cooper Hewitt in New York,
Who Is Trying to Pick Up the Oversea Messages
By Marconi Transatlantic Wireless Telegraph to The New York Times

LONDON, Oct. 17 — This message marks the opening of the
transatlantic wireless service.  It is handed to the Marconi Company
here for transmission to Ireland, and thence to Cape Breton, Nova
Scotia, and New York.  As it is limited to fifty words, I can send at
present only one of the many messages received for transmission
to The New York Times to signalize the event.  This message, from
Privy Councillor Lord Avebury, formerly Sir John Lubbock follows,
"I trust that the introduction of the wireless will more closely unite the
people of the United States and Great Britain, who seem to form one
nation, though under two Governments, and whose interests are really
identical. AVEBURY."
The above message, early yesterday morning, was lately followed
by one from The Times's correspondent at Glace Bay, as follows:
Glace Bay, N. S., Oct. 17. "Mr. Marconi says: 'Congratulate New
York Times on having first westward press message.' "  Then came in
full the original message filed by The Times's correspondent in London...

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