Marconi Transatlantic
Wireless Telegraph

"Post Reporter Sent Message to Clifden
...and Received a Short Answer"

Clipping from the Sydney Daily Post
23 October 2021

Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

#  Transcription (below):

Marconi Transatlantic Wireless Telegraph, 23 October 2021
"Post Reporter Sent Message to Clifden... and Received a Short Answer"

Sydney Daily Post, 23 October 2021


Yesterday's Test, while One of the Worst Storms of
the Season was Raging Along the Cape Breton
Coasts, is Calculated to Prove to the Sceptics
that Signor Marconi Has Attained His Dream and
is Sending Messages Across the Ocean by Wireless

(From Yesterday Afternoon's Post)
The Post correspondent paid a visit to
Port Morien yesterday in order to make
a private test of the wireless system.
The test was a difficult one and if every-
thing had worked satisfactorily, by this
time an authoritative statement might
be made that would forever silence all
sceptics.  The Post man had arranged
that a correspondent of the London
Daily Mail should be at Clifden yester-
day at 10 o'clock Canadian time, and
would send him a message and ask for
an immediate reply.  The Mail repre-
sentative was at Clifden at the time ap-
pointed nad the following message was
sent at 11:15:
    "How are you, hope you enjoyed your
trip down!"
    Mr. Marconi about half a minute later
assured the Post man that the message
had reached the outside safely.  Owing
however to bad insulation on this side
only broken messages could be received.
Two words came back in reply "Thanks
Morien" from England but to-morrow
(Tuesday) Mr. Marconi told the Post
that the insulation would be remedied
and he would prove that a wireless could
be sent and received in three minutes.
    A message by wireless was then sent
telling my colleague on the Clifden end
to remain on hand until 10 tomorrow
(Tuesday) when I would send him a
new message.  I also cabled the follow-
ing message to the mirror, London:
"Have you any real Teddy bears in
London?" signed New York World, but
owing to the bad insulation no reply has
yet been received.  The Post man is at
Morien today, and Marconi promises to
satisfy us that wireless telegraphy is a
splendid success.
    You can say for me said he to the
Post that all our messages going to En-
gland are being delivered, but today we
have some little trouble with one of our
insulators which makes it difficult to
read messages from England.  How-
ever there is nothing serious and I shall
have it in good condition in the morn-
    The Post was shown through every
nook and corner of the place, and with
our ears stuffed with cotton wool we
made a tour of the spark room.
    The voltage used in transmitting a
wireless message is 40,000.  It is thou-
ght that in a short time the towers will
be taken down and only the masts will
be left standing.  This is being done for
    Mr. Marconi will go to Vancouver some
time shortly and erect a station there.
He is confident that a message can be
sent through to that spot from Morien.
    W.W. Brodfield, the American engin-
eer, of Marconi Wireless, leaves today
for New York, and will proceed from
there to Cape Cod to start fitting up the
station there.
    "My idea is not to see how much busi-
ness I can handle," said Marconi, "but to
handle enough to fill my contracts with
the papers, and devote some time to fur-
ther improvements."
    Have you anything special for the
Post? we asked on leaving.  I wish to
thank them for the great interest they
have taken in my success and to say
that I hope to demonstrate to their re-
presentative tomorrow that the wireless
is all that I claim it to be.

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